Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer so far, part 2

Happy Father's Day.....
We celebrated father's day while we were camping at Ragged Mtn. (church property).
The kids got Jay and nice tie and a new mouse pad with pictures of them on it.

Here we are at Ragged Mountain. I'm not gonna go into detail about every picture, they pretty much speak for themselves. We had a great time, we did the whole fire thing, (smores and foil dinners) we fished and fished and fished some more. Jayden caught his firtst fish ever all by himself. We also caught 3 others. We cooked them up, I had NO CLUE Cache loves fish so much, the kid went crazy. We also went on a zip line over the Lake, it was a blast. The kids were talking about that for days after. We try to do this once a year, yet this year we lucked out and are going again in September. Can't wait.....

Jayden was able to go to camp after all. We didn't find out until last minute, but we made it. It turns out that his cousins Seth and Rylan were there too.
He had a great time, he got to shoot bow and arrows, shoot bee bee guns, learn knots, make things, play games and eat. What fun.

Jayden and Tyler

Our summer so far......

The month of June has been pretty eventful for us. So far July is looking pretty slow. We went to the Mariner's game when they were playing in Denver. Wish we could say they won. The kids loved singing the song, "Take me out to the ball game". We had an interesting time. We had tornato weather warnings so the whole statium had to evacuate until it was safe to return. The rest of the game was beautifully sunny!!
Aleah and Jayden expressing their feelings
Jayden wanted a new bike, so we told him if he earns enough, we'll pay the other half. I have never seen this work so diligent. For the next 3 days he continued asking me what chore he could do next. I got to the point where I had to start making things up. But he did it. This was a proud moment for Jayden (us too).

Tiffany this is for you!!! Did you know Doug looked so natural in pink?
( I told you I'd do it, Doug)

Aleah's Dance Show, she was in a tap/ballet class. She liked both but loved TAP because of the noisey shoes. I think next year we'll put her in hip-hop.
First in ballet, than tap pictures. She is on the far left in all pictures.

Her teacher Audra and friends


The circus

Aleah is right in the middle in the teal colored shirt.