Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harmon Home

Typical night at our house. Every night the kids beg Dad to wrestle with them.They've got hurt a few times, but so has DAD!!!

Running in Winter Wonder Land

Last night the kids and I went to Stocker Stadium for a city track meet. We've never done anything like this before and the kids LOVED it ( I did too). Here is a clip of Cache finishing the 200 meter (1/2 lap of the track). He really enjoyed himself. He was all smiles. It was hilarious.

I also took video of Jayden and Aleah, just not sure what happened to it. Here are some shots of the race. Forgive the photographer, some of these pictures are horrible. Santa even came to cheer on the kids, oh and hand out candy canes.

Tyler and Jayden Aleah

Jayden & Aleah
Waiting for the next race
Cache and Carson

Everyone that participated. There weren't as many as usual, It was an extra chilling night.

Yeah, Santa..
Enjoying some hot coco after they we're done with the races.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Better late than never

Jay & I have been married for 11 yrs
3 months & 2 dys.
This month we finally had the opportunity to celebrate our 10 yr
Anniversary. Like I said, "Better late than never".
Something I admire about Jay is his devotion, faithfullness and support.
He's always there to stand by your side. Even if you're the Seattle
Seahawks with a horrible record of 2 wins/ 8 loses. Yes, there is frustration and
sadness, but he WILL NOT give up on them. He is loyal!!!
So of course we started out our 8 day vacation with the Dolphin/Seahawk
game in Miami. Too bad they lost by 2, but at least they can say they put
up a good fight. I surprised myself by how much fun I had. Jay got me my
own pink jersey. It was crazy being in a crowd of
Dolphin fans and being the minority, but we had a blast!! One of my top
Check us out.....

Monday we climbed aboard our cruise ship in Miami.
There we sailed off into the world of relaxation.
Here are some pictures of us departing...


This was the first Island we visited. It was beautiful, see for yourself.
Here we shopped, walked around, went to the beach and saw
some pretty crazy things that gave us some good laughs.
We took this picture for the kids to help them get a better idea
of HOW big our ship really was. They said, "Dad looks like an ant".

Can you see him? Jay swam out there pretty far. Crazy guy!

I wasn't as brave as Jay. We jumped some pretty big waves.
There were fish swimming around us, Jay tried catching
one with his hands. Good luck babe!

On the ship

Shots taken here and there during our time on
the ship.

Me, eating one of MANY ice cream cones.

At a Broadway show
Wow! Sorry ladies he's taken!
Through thick & thin, we stick together.
Every night we'd come back to our room and
find mints on our pillows and an animal made out
of towels. Pretty creative.

Freeport Island
Our 2nd day out we were scheduled to spend the day
on the ship's private Island. Because of rocky waters, we were
unable to dock. Freeport was the 3rd Island we visited. Here we
went on a 13 mile bike ride around town. I got fried. Not very smart
on my part.
May I help you?
Let's get going. Follow me...

"I love my bike" This was Jay's bell on his bike.
I didn't get a bell...
I took this picture while riding my bike. I took some others
of Jay & I while riding, but Jay didn't like wouldn't
let me share. I thought they looked cool.
Our bike ride ended at the beach, where we ate lunch
and spent sometime on the beach before we went shopping
in town.

I wouldn't mind one of these in my backyard.

They're almost ready for pickin.
Good bye...
Until next time
(in another 11 yrs, year 2119)

We are sad to leave. Time to get back to the REAL world.
We loved our time together but believe it or not, we
are looking forward to being with our kids again.
They complete us!!!


Church Halloween Party
Here we are with some friends @ the trunk or treat

and haunted house!!

Jayden & Tyler

Aleah & Teyah

Teyah, Aleah & Ryder

Linkoln & Cache

Linkoln & Carson are Cache's body guards. It

doesn't show in this picture, but they both sky

over him. They're all within 6 months from apart.
Elise, Jayden, Aleah, Teyah and Mary outside

the haunted house.

Us at home.....

We always wanted 2 girls!!! Jayden thought it would

be fun to try on Aleah's Hannah Montana wig.

After trick or treating!!

Elephant, Hannah Montana & Darth Vadar.

Aleah & Jayden

Anyone want a hug?

Bucno Party!!

My costume was put together in about 5 mins. Last minute

Michelle called to see what I was dressing up as. Of course

I said "NOTHING". (lame I know) Well she didn't go for

that, so here we are. A ghost and a over worked house wife.

Look closely for the baby and black circles under my eyes.

Here's the group!! We missed you this year Tiffany!

Hope you had a happy halloween.