Friday, June 18, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


I found this new photographer. She was awesome. What do you think?
These were taken last week in Utah.
Cache 4 yr- Aleah 7yr- Jayden 9 yr

The photographer's name is Karie Harmon..........
We went to Utah last week for Piper's blessing. This is Aleah holding Piper at a get together with friends and family. Check out the others too.

This year we had all 3 kids playing soccer. You'd think it would be crazy, but it wasn't too bad.
We were very busy.

Cache's 1st season. This kid has some endurance. His legs may be short, but he just keeps going.

Aleah's 1st season also. At the 1st practice or 2 I was pretty worried that we made a mistake. Aleah was so far from wanting anything to do with the ball. By the end of the season she was one of the top players on her team. She got the award for most improved.

This was Jayden's 4th season. He did really well. Much faster and more aggressive than he was at 6 yrs old. He played on a team with kids from ages 8-13. He kept up with all of them.
Way to go kids. We really enjoyed watching all of them grow and enjoy themselves.
See ya next time........

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer so far, part 2

Happy Father's Day.....
We celebrated father's day while we were camping at Ragged Mtn. (church property).
The kids got Jay and nice tie and a new mouse pad with pictures of them on it.

Here we are at Ragged Mountain. I'm not gonna go into detail about every picture, they pretty much speak for themselves. We had a great time, we did the whole fire thing, (smores and foil dinners) we fished and fished and fished some more. Jayden caught his firtst fish ever all by himself. We also caught 3 others. We cooked them up, I had NO CLUE Cache loves fish so much, the kid went crazy. We also went on a zip line over the Lake, it was a blast. The kids were talking about that for days after. We try to do this once a year, yet this year we lucked out and are going again in September. Can't wait.....

Jayden was able to go to camp after all. We didn't find out until last minute, but we made it. It turns out that his cousins Seth and Rylan were there too.
He had a great time, he got to shoot bow and arrows, shoot bee bee guns, learn knots, make things, play games and eat. What fun.

Jayden and Tyler