Sunday, June 1, 2008

Circus Circus in G.J.

Circus Circus came to Grand Junction last weekend. The elephants were the kids favorite act. Pretty amazing huh! Well I take that back. Jayden REALLY enjoyed the clowns. He was laughing pretty hard. Jay and I actually really enjoyed it too. Although, I'm not sure I enjoyed the circus more or seeing the happiness on my kids faces. You're never too old for the circus. Jayden and Aleah are pretty reserved and shy for the most part. (in public) Yet it's fun to see them grow and come out of their shells alittle. A year ago you would not have found them taking a picture with clowns(with alittle help) or riding on ponies.

This our first picture as a family since Cache was born 27 months ago. This summer we plan to get an offical one taken.
Some friends we went to the circus with. Teyah (Aleah's best friend) and Ryder (little bro.) Longtin.