Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kyla tagged me!!!

Kyla, count yourself blessed. I don't do these things often, but I'll do it for you.

10 yrs ago: Jay and I had been married for 7 months. I was living in Lynnwood WA. Working downtown Seattle for Group Health doing their medical billing. I was serving in Young Women's as the Laural Advisor (I was only 20 yrs old, I felt like I was one of them) Visited with friends and family a lot and enjoyed young married life.

5 things on my to-do-list:
-Take Jayden and Aleah to school by 8:30am (pick up too)
-Be to a Dr aptmt by 9am
-Missionaries for dinner
-Shave Jay's back hair (he's been bugging me for weeks)
-Become Mrs. America

5 snacks I enjoy:
-Candy, candy and more candy,
- grapes
-beef jerky
-string cheese

5 places I've lived:
-Houston TX
-Seattle Wa
-Provo Ut
-Grand Junction CO
-Montrose CO

What would I do if I became a billionaire: Honestly, I haven't given this question much thought. But I guess what I would do is pay off our debt (house, cars, etc.) Do some more home improvements (our house is a real fixer-upper) help out all our family members where needed, live off some of it so Jay could enjoy life a little more and not feel like he has to work so much, donate a large some to the church and save the rest!!

5 jobs I've had:

-Little Caesar's Pizza

-Group Health Cooperative

-Utah Medical, billing office



5 things you don't know about me:

-I love to scrapbook

-I like to draw (free-hand)

-I love exercising

-I enjoy reading

-I use to be a neat freak, until I had my 3rd children. I'm hoping I will be again some day.


-My husbands name is Jay Corey Harmon

-We have been married for 10yrs and 7 months, engaged for 3 months, married on August 16, 1997

-How long did we date??????FOREVER!!!!! We started dating when we were 16. So that would make it 5 1/2 yrs. Since Feb 1992, man I'm old.(you too Dan!!!!)

-Who eats more: that's a given, Jay

-Who said I love you first. I don't remember, is that horrible or what?

-Who sings better: me, although I don't consider myself a singer at all.

-Who is taller: Jay, by 4 inches

-Whose temper is worse: that's a hard one. I'd say it's pretty even, it depends on the situation.

-Who does the laundry: I do although Jay use to do it all the time until he started working longer hours. I always found it odd that when we were dating, Jay did his own laundry but his mom would do his sisters. I guess I lucked out in the end.

Who does the dishes: Again I do, but if I don't want to do them, all I have to do is let them pile up in the sink and Jay will do them or I just simply ask him too.

-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:we trade off

_Who cooks: we both do.

-Who is more stubborn: JAY by far

-Who proposed- Jay did outside the Seattle Temple after doing sealings with his ward. May 26, 1997

-Whose parents do we see more often- My dad, he lives in Heber UT. Jay's parents live in Seattle and only come to visit once a yr and my mom past away 6 yrs ago.

-Who pays the bills:Jay

-Who wears the pants in the family: Jay, but I'm the suspenders that keep the pants up!!! Just kidding, we share that responsibility.

-Why do I love my husband: Because he is the most amazing man I know. People love him, they love being around him, he makes them laugh. He makes me laugh. That is the first thing that attracted me to him, his sense of humor-he and Dan we're hilarious together. He has a great desire to do good for himself and our family. He works hard. He looks rough on the outside but inside he is as soft as can be. He loves to help others. He is a great dad and it's obvious by how his kids love him. He is very forgiving, he looks out for my happiness. He has a strong testimony and he is a righteous worthy priesthood holder. I love him because he's my eternal companion!!

Now it's my turn to tag 5 people. I'm actually gonna do 6. Here you go: Michelle Longtin, Stacy Mallory, Tiffany Goodman, Jill Harmon, Rebecca Bettilyon and Kacey Cornum. Good luck girls, I'm looking forward to your responses. Thanks after all Kyla, this was pretty fun. I got to know a lot about you and hopefully this will help you to get to know me a little better. Thanks!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday dresses from Grandma....

Grandma loves dressing her princess in beautiful dresses!

Even when you dress her up like a princess, she has a hard time acting like one. When I was trying to take pictures to show Grandma, she kept doing cartwheels over and over. It was driving me crazy, but she was having fun!!
Thank you Grandma, I love you....