Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harmon Home

Typical night at our house. Every night the kids beg Dad to wrestle with them.They've got hurt a few times, but so has DAD!!!

Running in Winter Wonder Land

Last night the kids and I went to Stocker Stadium for a city track meet. We've never done anything like this before and the kids LOVED it ( I did too). Here is a clip of Cache finishing the 200 meter (1/2 lap of the track). He really enjoyed himself. He was all smiles. It was hilarious.

I also took video of Jayden and Aleah, just not sure what happened to it. Here are some shots of the race. Forgive the photographer, some of these pictures are horrible. Santa even came to cheer on the kids, oh and hand out candy canes.

Tyler and Jayden Aleah

Jayden & Aleah
Waiting for the next race
Cache and Carson

Everyone that participated. There weren't as many as usual, It was an extra chilling night.

Yeah, Santa..
Enjoying some hot coco after they we're done with the races.