Thursday, March 27, 2008

I lost my first tooth!

Aleah has been working on this tooth for the past 3 wks. She was really good at letting me help her wiggle it. Jayden wouldn't let me get NEAR his. Both Jayden and Aleah have lost their first tooth, the March before they started Kindergarden. I guess that's how it works when you get your first tooth at 4 months old. Aleah is pretty excited to be like her brother. The tooth on the right next to the one she lost, is about to come out too. It is REALLY loose. We'll see how long it takes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter's Fun and Games

Sunday after church I MADE the kids take some pictures before they could eat or change their clothes. It's always nice to have some nice Easter pictures (more to scrapbook). You'd think they'd be use to their mother's obession for pictures by now. They'll love it, if not now, they will later when they're older looking at their scrapbooks and showing their kids how cute they were when they were kids.
Blowing bubbles that the Easter Bunny brought!
Stretch Jayden! You almost got it!
Cache was hillarious to watch. He wasn't too sure what to do at first, but once we showed him what to do the kid took off. The kids were allowed to find 12 eggs each, of course because Cache can't count he ended up with 17. He went to town, he is our little go getter. It was very entertaining to watch.
Aleah wasn't far behind Cache. She knew exactly what to do and she did it. Aleah is very sweet just like the candy in her eggs.

We hope you had a wonderful Easter Day!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our 2 year old Easter Buddy!!!

This year Cache lucked out (if that's what you'd call it?) by having his birthday on EASTER! Since it was a Sunday we celebrated on Saturday with a egg hunt and cupcakes. I felt pretty bad for the kid, it wasn't until about 1pm on Sun. did I realize that Cache hadn't opened his presents yet. Forgetful mom. Good thing he's only 2, he forgave me. Here are some pictures of our little guys day.....

Michelle and I made these adorable cupcakes for Cache.

When we lit the candles Jayden was very concerned that Cache was going to touch the flame. In every picture except this one, Jayden is holding Caches hands back so he won't touch the flame. Good thing for big brothers!!

Aunt Kim and family gave Cache a coloring book, crayons and play-doh. He LOVES to color. G & G Harmon gave Cache a gift card. Until he can voice an opinion on what he wants, I get to choose. Thanks for the summer sandels.

Cache enjoys building things and he is pretty good at it, so we got him his very own blocks. (Poor kid gets all the hand-me-downs.) It's amazing how high he can build a tower before it falls over.

Thanks for my presents guys!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pizza, Presents and Cake

This year Jayden wanted a skate board and a new dinosaur for his birthday. How easy he is to please. Again, Jayden chose Pizza for his birthday dinner. I was glad because after a long day at the zoo I wasn't up to making a special meal.

G & G Harmon gave him a gift card to Mc D's and Target

From Aunt Kim, Uncle Jacob and girls (she's pregnant with a boy after having 4 girls)


Again this year Jayden wanted to decorate his cake. I think this will become a tradition of ours. I don't mind, makes it easy on me.

Happy 7th Birthday Jayden!

Jayden said he had a really good birthday!!

7 years old and growing

For spring break we went to Colorado Springs to visit my sister and go to our concert in Denver. (thanks Kim for watching our kids, so we could go). While we were there Jayden had his 7th Birthday. Hard to believe one more year and he'll be baptized.
Jayden chose to go to the zoo in Col. Springs. The giraffes were spectacular. We've never seen anything like this before (it even beat feeding the crocodiles in Florida) It took Jayden awhile to decide to feed them crackers. He finally realized they weren't going to bite his hand. Cache tried until he saw their long tongues, Aleah settled to watch.

There was more, Jay counted a total of 14 giraffes

Rockin' Fun

Last weekend, Jay and I went to the Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban concert. We really went for Carrie, Jay has been a fan of her's since day one on American Idol(our favorite show). She was so cute and fun to see. There is something so sweet about her. Maybe because she's so humble and loveable. We were surprised by Keith Urban. Neither of us had really listen to a lot of his music before. Infact I figure I better go buy a CD before hand so we could get alittle familiar with his music. It worked. He was rockin'. He is awesome on the guitar. AMAZING actually. Some people are so blessed with musical talent. Both Jay and I are converted to being Keith Urban fans now. It was a very romantic, energetic and exciting night for us. We can't wait to go again. We have tickets for Celion Dion in November. She'll be fun, but in a different way from Keith. We had a blast!! Wish you guys could have been there with us.